On the 25th day of July, 2015, On Page Assistant has opened its door to support a Good Cause. It is going to donate 15% of its service cost to help poor but deserving students get college education. The agency wanted to create meaningful, exciting, and empowering experience by supporting a worthy cause. It believes in the idea that education has been and will always be a good ticket to a brighter future.

For years, its Founder and CEO, Glenn Mark, has nurtured a dream to help his fellow islanders in the Philippines finish college. He knows that it is going to be one of the most lucrative investments his agency can make for his fellow dreamers. His excitement grows now that he started to see a channel to fulfill such purpose and that is On Page Assistant. It is the latter’s way of giving thanks to God Almighty for blessing the agency with success.

Over the past few months, the agency has received great success in helping website owners fix errors on their websites that are keeping them from more leads and sales. Now, it is ready, more than ever, to give back and it chooses to help students from a school in Mindanao, Philippines, the Bucas Grande Foundation College. Glenn is a native of the island of Bucas Grande and he believes that there’s no better place to start enriching but home.

Why Bucas Grande Foundation College?

Bucas Grande Foundation College (BGFC) , Inc. is the only tertiary education in the lone island-municipality of Socorro, Surigao del Norte. It was established in 2003 for the purpose of helping the youth in the island get the education they deserve. Before the establishment and incorporation of the college, most youth are dissuaded from pursuing college not only because it takes hours of travel by sea just to get to the city but also because it is costly to get a college degree.

To date, BGFC has produced top-caliber individuals from the island who are now occupying various positions in the municipal government, in the Department of Education, Banks, Credit Cooperatives and other institutions in the country and abroad. The school has been chosen by On Page Assistant because it has faith in the laudable objectives of BGFC. With this attempt, we are confident that our donation will go a long way towards creating a brighter future for the fellow dreamers in our small island.

When we donate a part of your money, we know that we are in effect creating a valuable resource for tomorrow – an investment for someone else’s future. It all starts with you and so their success is also yours to take pride of.