Biggest Fails In SEO

May 30, 2015
On Page Assistant

So you have a website. It was by far one of the best and most shiny one you ever had. You heard about SEO and you hastily jumped into making a campaign. Without knowing it, you are doing more harm than good. Optus Digital has brilliantly put together an infographic showing a list of biggest fails in the field of SEO. Some of these mistakes are so simple that we forget to correctly implement it because we thought it wouldn’t hurt us for the most part. There are many of us, SEO agencies included, who fail on many points although they are just shockingly simple. By inappropriately considering it, our efforts are but destined to fail. I am just curious, how many mistakes did you get?

Biggest Fails in SEO
Some Of The Biggest Ways To Fail In SEO – An infographic by the team at SEO Best Practice

As you can see, it is a must to enhance the on-page SEO aspect. It is something that you need to consider firsthand before jumping any further off your page. Decide now to do something about it and step into the arena of ON Page SEO. CONTACT US TODAY!

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